Your Past Stress and Anxiety

You are a product of your past three generations. In the case of long term stress with no apparent cause, this is very true.  This is called Generational trauma.

generational stress and anxietyLong term, stress, anxiety, and depression is usually the symptom of past stress or trauma that has not been resolved. In some cases, a person will develop symptoms indicating prolonged anxiety even without any traumatic events to connect this to. These cases are linked back to stress and anxiety carried forward from previous generations.

Your Cells Remember

Every cell in our body has a memory.  Recent research has proven all of cells function in a similar manner to your brain. Whenever you experience highly emotive events, your cells remember all the details.  For example:  If your mother experienced a traumatic event, this memory is stored in her cells and in her DNA.  The memory of this event passed on to you at conception.  This also happens if any emotionally charged events happen whilst you are in the womb. As a result, at birth, you already have memories of stress and anxiety.  This is Generational trauma.

Release Your Inheritance

Generational trauma affects you, regardless of your knowledge of the event.  Its time to let it go.    To resolve past or prolonged anxiety or stress, the body and mind require two things to happen.

One:  You have control over the event. Two: the event is over and you are safe.  But how to do this when you have no idea of the event, happened, and the final outcome?    This is where our Unique hypnotic therapy – TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process is effective.

Time to Let Go

TRTP is an elegant combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy that enable ‘You’ to cut the ties with these events safely without stress.  Hypnosis allows this to happen quickly and easily.

Watch this video for information on the TRTP process.

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