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Just Make A Decision

It can be challenging to just make a decision sometimes. Think about the last time that you had a choice or a decision to make and you kept avoiding and procrastinating.  What Make decisions quicklythoughts were running through your mind?  What was triggering the doubt or the fear you ‘would get it wrong?’  How many times did you think: Is this the right choice?  Perhaps, I would be better doing that!   How much time did you waste?  So often, we get so stuck in the should/could/would/must consider/what if scenario we fail to decide at all.  Some people call this paralysis by analysis.

Decisions Change

Making a poor decision is often better than failing to decide at all. Poor decisions can ultimately lead to positive outcomes.  Failing to decide almost always guarantees a poor outcome.  A poor decision at least provides change and momentum. That momentum can be adjusted and steered toward the right direction.  Think about a pilot in control of a Jumbo jet….. he sets his navigation to arrive at the chosen destination but along the way, which way I can't decidethere will be winds, maybe rain, and these weather events mean the pilot must adjust to stay on course.  Decision-making is the same.  You make one decision, then you adjust, change direction (make a new decision) until you achieve the result you want.

Just Make A Decision

Nothing good happens when you fail to decide. Life stagnates and then you fall into the same old’ routine and become ‘stuck’.  And wasn’t that the reason you wanted to make a change to start with – to get unstuck!  Unless you choose a course of Make a decisionaction, you are marking time.  For example, choosing the wrong University major is much better than being undecided and taking a gap year to ‘think about it!’  All you have done is put your life on hold for a year. You still must decide in order to move forward.

You can handle making mistakes. In fact, you should expect to make mistakes. You learn from making mistakes and/or poor decisions. The most successful people make the most mistakes.

Decisions Create Opportunities

Every decision you make has the possibility to be a great decision. You can only make great decisions if you are willing to make decisions in the first place.

When you feel confused about what to do, it is likely that you know what you want but feel unsure others will agree. So, take a deep breath and choose quickly and move forward.  The very worse that can happen is, you will have to make another decision if this one turns pear-shaped.  So long as you are moving toward your goals all the decisions you make are the right ones.

Self-Reflection Questions:

When has failing to make a decision led to regret?

How have my decisions provided me with opportunities I would have missed otherwise?

What is the best decision I ever made? What would have happened if I had never made a decision at all.

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