Depression vs Balance

More and more people are being diagnosed with depression every day. The question is, are they really clinically depressed?

All of us suffer from depression every now and again from circumstances that are happening in our lives. The point is that in most of these cases they are not full blown depression and we can recover from them.

What is really happening in these cases is that we are out of balance. Balance is natural and for every negative there is a positive and vice versa. When we have too many positives in our lives we need negatives to balance.

The short periods of depression that we have are natural in that they are balancing us. It’s life saying to us that we need to have depression to balance the elation.

Unfortunately we are often too quick to go to the doctor who is even quicker to give out anti-depressants. What makes it worse is that we google depression and read all the symptoms and convince ourselves that we are depressed.

Make no mistake there are plenty of people out there that are clinically depressed. Before rushing to your doctor why not take a piece of paper and list at least 30 negatives and positives of being depressed. If it is just temporary depression, the blues, you will find that your mood will improve dramatically.

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