Fear, let’s face up to it

FearOver the weekend I visited my son and his family. We visited the local botanical gardens where there were a series of walls that could be climbed on.

Whilst watching my grandson I watched how he processed fear. At first when he climbed the wall and stood up it was very hesitant. When he realised that he was standing on top of the wall and was not going to fall a big grin broke out. At the same time everything changed in the way he stood and talked.

After achieving standing on the wall he decided that he wanted to jump. At once he became fearful and hesitant. After a while he plucked up the courage and jumped. Again there was the same change in posture and voice. He had a big grin and immediately climbed back on the wall and jumped.

This time there was no hesitation and fear he just climbed up and jumped. To prove that he had mastered this he did it a few more times. I asked him after what was it like when he first stood on the wall and then jumped.

He said that at first he was really scared but after a while he realised that the wall was not as high as he thought and that probably he would not get hurt. He said that it was the best feeling when he stood on the wall and then jumped. So much so that he had to do it again.

What’s your wall? Have you backed away from standing on it and jumping? Maybe it’s time for you to see if that wall is not as high as you think. Maybe it’s time for you to jump and get that wonderful feeling of overcoming something. You never know it might become addictive and you will want to do it over again!

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