HABITS: They Control Almost Everything You Do!!


“The secret to success of every person who has ever been successful lies in the fact that they formed the habit of doing those things that others don’t like to do”  A Jackson King

Whether we know it or not, our Habits are controlling almost everything we do on a daily basis.

Ask Yourself this Question: How many goals have set so far today? Have you passed a 100, maybe 200?  What would be your Guess?

For most of us,  the answer would be an immediate No!…. are you kidding?  But I would challenge you to “think” about what you have achieved so far… even it is only 7am and you just got out of bed!!

Because when you to start to think about it, you probably passed a 100 goals within an hour of getting up!  Did you get up?, Go to the Loo? Have a shower? get dressed? Make coffee, Eat food, exercise?

How many things have you done so far  without even thinking about it?  We can get through the whole day without ever “consciously” setting a goal… however, subconsciously… we are constantly setting and achieving goals from the moment we wake up.  And even that, (getting out of bed) was a goal!

You see there is nothing a human being can do (besides breathing and blinking – which are involuntary actions) that doesn’t require us to “decide” to do it.  We are “goal setting and achieving machines!!”


A more serious question is :  How many of your Goals do you set Consciously?

The reality is that most of what we do is driven by a subconscious habit!  This is not necessarily a bad thing… it doesn’t matter that we clean our teeth the same way, using the same hand every day, wash our body following the method and routine, put the same leg first into our pants when we get dressed – in fact it feels a little weird to do things differently, so why would we bother.  These habits are small things and make life easier for us… they are not at all bad but they demonstrate very clearly how we unconsciously do things on a consistent basis and how easily we form and maintain habits.

But some of the habits that we unconsciously (or blindly) follow that may be negatively or destructively affecting the outcomes of goals we do consciously set and want to achieve.  It is these habits that we may wish to change.

In order to change a habit, we must first need to be aware of them. So examine your life to see where you have “blocks” or areas where you are not achieving the results you desire.  What is the impact?  Is it important to you to change the result?  “Could I do this differently?”  “Is this habit holding me back in any area of my life?”

It takes time to change a habit:  between 21 to 45 days, depending on who you speak to.  You cannot fast track the process.  It will create stress.  It will take persistence!

What habits do you have that do not serve you or restrict you from living a full and satisfying life?   What would you like to do differently?  Maybe you have tried to change them in the past but after few days you have given in… and the habit has won!

The most common area I see where subconscious habits are impacting the lives of my clients is in the area of health.  Whether it is Smoking, drinking or eating… it all really comes down to Habit!   No one (well, none of my clients) ever decided to get fat.. to love cream cakes and coke… but it happened!  When they try to stop… the cravings “get them in the end!”

How many smokers do you know above 30 who would give up tomorrow if they thought they couldn’t fail… but the withdrawals… no it’s too hard… I’m addicted!

But the reality is… it is the subconscious habit of the “action of eating” the associations built up over the years! and the “triggers to have a smoke” that keep you under control and addicted subconsciously that you need to change.  The Habit is your problem.

Habits can control us unless we become aware and train ourselves in good habits, the ones that enhance our lives… empower us!  It is Your Life and to be in control- become aware:

At Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy we use Hypnosis and coaching techniques and therapies to assist our clients to become empowered and take back control.

Our services cover a wide range of issues:  More Info Here

A typical program would include the following:

The process consists of three 90 minute hypnosis sessions carried out a week apart. In these sessions the following happens:
•Break your limiting beliefs
•Empowerment, so that you control the events and not the events control you
•Look and plan a future

After completing the process Stephany said, “I feel as if a load has been lifted. I feel safe and secure. I feel that I can now look to a future”

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