Surviving instead of Thriving

Are you struggling to get through every day?
Are you struggling to get through every hour?
Are you struggling to get through every minute?
Is every day a struggle to just survive?

If this is you then you are probably suffering from the effects of past unresolved stress or trauma. When you have an extreme stressful or traumatic event the body goes into a survival mode called flight, fright or freeze. You are given the choice of running away, fighting the event or just freezing.

When you go into this mode you are in effect in survival mode, nothing else matters except for getting through the event. When the event is over your brain processes the event and you return back to normal.
In some cases, the brain is unable to process the event so you stay stuck in flight, fright or freeze. In other words, you stay stuck in survival mode.

In order to get out of this the brain and body needs to know two things; one it’s over and you are safe and two you have power over the events. The Richards Trauma Process is a hypnosis process that quickly and effectively allows you to achieve this and move from surviving to thriving.

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