Financial Habits that Will Help You

When I was 10 years old I was given a priceless formula for success. With every $$$ you earn, make it work for you. One third to save. One third for daily expenses (rent/food/clothes etc). One third to spend/donate/share. Always have an emergency fund. Never spend more than you earn.
This principle was never about wealth building – although it is the fastest way to financial freedom. It was all about having choices. I have never met a millionaire who lives to ‘make money!’ They make plan to make money but it is not for the having of money, it is to enable them to do what they wish to do without hinderance.,
This might be gifting; travel; research; donations to charities, sponserships, to create a legacy. It is never to have a huge balance in a bank account.
The wealthy know the secret to wealth creation: Gifting and gratitude.
The first step for you to take is: build healthy, financial habits. Start with learning to save. Eliminate unnecessary spending. Have a budget and live by it. Put that money you currently spend on lotto into your savings account instead.