Who is the most valuable? You or Others?

The other day I was talking to someone who said that they had to have a big marriage ceremony because the family expected it. This was going to put a considerable financial strain on them.

So here was someone who was going to go into debt to have an expensive wedding because the family expected it. When you think about it not only did the family expect it but society expects it.

This is a classic example when we allow the values of others to override our own values. We take on the values of others. How many times do we do something in our lives because of others, often to our detriment?

We all have our own unique set of values and when we live according to those values you find that you are so much happier. When we take on the values of others or of society we often end up resentful and hurt. In fact if we spend our lives living someone else’s values it affects everything including our self-esteem and confidence which leads to anger and depression.

When you are not living according to your values life will let you know in the form of the above signs and symptoms.

Next time you are feeling depressed, angry and fed up take a pause and ask yourself if you are living according to your values.

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