5 Ways to Quit Smoking That Actually Work

Would you be interested in learning there are 5 Ways to Quit smoking that actually work?   How many ways have you tried to stop smoking?   I bet you have tried all the pills, patches, and potions out there!  Most of them work to varying degrees.

How to Stop Smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes cause serious health issues which often lead to a painful death.  Maybe you think, ‘we are all going to die’,  but even so, wouldn’t you choose a less painful way. You wouldn’t choose to suffocate to death would you?  As you are reading this,  you know someone who wants to get rid of their smoking habit.

Here are 5 ways you can stop smoking without stressing about it.

Take the Time to Decide

Quitting smoking starts with a decision. Time to Quit SmokingAsk yourself, WHY…. Do I want to Quit Smoking? Is your reason one of these:   “I am sick of the smell?” and “I’m tired of coughing every morning and feeling so sick?”, Maybe you “want to live long enough to see your kids grow up”…. Everybody has a reason to stop smoking,  so what is yours? When will it be time to do something about it?

Find Alternatives 

Everything in this world has a replacement. Cigarettes are no exception!  Actually, cigarettes could be likened to an “adult dummy”! You use it to pacify tension, stress, or for something to do. Nothing wrong with that, but why not rather replace your smoking with “breathing fresh air”, its cheap, always available and your healthy body will thank you for it.

Indulge in Workout

Smoking is the fastest way you can shorten your athletic career. Injuries occur when you get fatigued.  Smoking cigarettes reduces your lung capacity, you can’t get a deep breath and so you fatigue much faster. Quitting smoking is easy, it only takes 60 minutes! Hypnosis is the answer to a long, healthy body.

Seek Help

It’s okay to open up with someone who understands your situation and is passionate in helping you to Quit Smoking. Quit Smoking Experts, trained in hypnosis, are waiting to help you Quit. On line via ZOOM or face to face, book in for a 30-minute complimentary session to get more information on our easy it really is to Quit Smoking.

If you are serious about giving up cigarettes, you’re already halfway there.   There is only 3 simple steps

Pick up the phone, Book your appointment and Turn up.  75 minutes later,    You are a fresh air breathing non-smoker! Easy as 1…2…3

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