Are you addicted to drama?

Do you have a life where you seem to go from one crisis to the next? Does your life resemble a sitcom where you go from drama to drama?
These seem like a silly question, don’t they? Does anyone really enjoy continuous drama in their life? Isn’t life chaotic enough? drama queen
It seems that for some people, the drama follows wherever they go. The question is do we play a hand in creating some of our own anxiety-inducing scenarios? Could it be possible that a heightened sense of stress and anxiety has some addictive properties?

The Adrenaline of Drama

You know that you are addicted to drama if you do any or some of the following:

You keep finding yourself in relationships with people who you know are bad for your mental health or are abusive.

• You throw a tantrum or hissy fit when things don’t go your way.
• You can’t handle stress without reacting in some way whether it is through drinking alcohol, using drugs, binge eating, self-injury or other addictive and impulsive behaviour.
• You talk about your problems to anyone who will listen. It becomes all you talk about, you sound like a broken record.
• Your problems are the worst and you let people know it.
• You tend to play the role of the victim. In fact, you are a professional victim.
• You tend to exaggerate your problems and/or medical issues.
• you find it hard to do anything.
• Your friends and family have called you a drama queen.

Unresolved Stress

Being a drama queen or victim is usually caused by some sort of unresolved stress or trauma from the past. These events keep on playing in our minds and we can’t move on. Every time we go into drama the cells in our bodies remember this. The more times we go into drama the more cells remember the drama. Eventually, you become addicted to the drama. It’s like a drug addiction! It becomes your normal state.

Break the Habit

The question is how do you break from this addiction?
1.  Break the unconscious core beliefs that you have around being a drama queen.

2.  Now is time to rewrite past events and begin seeing yourself as a victor rather than a victim.

This may sound tricky, even impossible, however with the help of your therapist, you will find it quite easy to do.  

If your life is one drama after another,  seriously consider hypnosis to break free. TRTP utilises hypnosis to help you to break away from the addiction to drama quickly, safely, and efficiently and allows you to become a victor rather than a victim.

To find out more about TRTP and what it can do why not book a complimentary strategy session.
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