Anxiety, It’s a Choice

Everything in life comes down to a choice.  People often say Panic attacks and anxietythat they have no choice. But that’s not really true.  There is always a choice, even when there seems to be no choice.  Not making a decision to do something is still a choice!   Staying in limbo creates anxiety and stress.  What if…..  ?   Definitely creates stress.

Make a Decision

Anxiety can be overcome when you make a choice.  Generally, anxiety comes from two things.  Fear something ‘will’ or ‘won’t’ happen!  It is often in relation to something that ‘happened’ or was ‘perceived’ to have happened in the past, that you fear will happen again.   So, you think if you avoid ‘this’ you will be safe!   However, this never works.   Until you decide one way or another, you are choosing to stay anxious. It might not seem to be a decision when you have been anxious for a long time but there is still a choice.

Choose Alternative Therapy

You can choose to continue living with anxiety or you can make a decision to resolve the cause and take back control and resume living a fulfilling life. If you choose to ‘take back your life’, the next question is how?   How do You do it?  Are You prepared to do what it takes?  Maybe try something new!
To overcome anxiety, there really are only two choices.  One, to continue with traditional treatment.  This does take a long time, and often includes a lifetime of anti-depressants. Or alternatively, you could choose to look at other Natural therapies. There are many new solutions available.  Some of these include Mindfulness, EFT (Tapping), and Hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy to overcome anxiety.  Hypnosis ‘talks’ directly to the unconscious mind where the ‘habits’ beliefs and emotions are stored.  However, in the past, hypnosis has traditionally has also taken a number of visits to resolve prolonged trauma.

The Richards Trauma Process

There is now a new hypnosis process to overcome anxiety and it is fast, safe, and effective. This new process is TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process.   In just three visits, the longterm anxiety that leads to depression and stress can be dealt with. You see, all anxiety is a result of unresolved stress or trauma from the past. The subconscious mind ‘believes’ it is not safe to do (??).   TRTP uses hypnosis to resolve these unresolved issues in the subconscious mind quickly and effectively and help the subconscious know that it is safe.

If this sounds too good to be true why not book a complimentary session to find out more about TRTP and how it can help you thrive rather than survive.

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