Balance your Stress and Anxiety

A recent client came to see me with high levels of stress and anxiety over her divorce and her ex-husband. I knew immediately her perspective of the situation was out of balance.  She said she was very angry and prone to fits of rage over everything that had happened and could not seem to let it go.

Focusing on the Negatives

I asked her to take a sheet of paper and write on the top, my divorce. I then told her to divide the paper into two columns and write negative on top of one and positive on top the other.   Now it was time for her to analyse the pros and cons of her divorce.  She was to write one negative (of getting divorced) followed by one positive.  I asked her to repeat this at least 30 times.

Balance of life

She came back to see me, a week later, and said that it was a really hard exercise but had managed to do 29 positives and negatives. She said that she kept on trying to write a whole load of negatives without the positives. However, she also said that it really made her think about the situation and how she was viewing it. As a result of balancing her view of the divorce, her stress and anxiety had dropped to acceptable levels.

Bring Balance to Your Life

Another observation she made was that it was so easy to see the negatives of not only the divorce but all of the other things around her.

When you look at a situation from too much of a negative or positive you create emotions such as stress and anxiety.  This emotion clouds your mind and you cannot think clearly. When you see equally positives and negatives, your mind is able to think clearly about any situation.

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