Life Changes Rapidly – How to Cope!

We have had a lot of changes over the past months. Like all families, we have our share of ups and downs, a bit of stress and drama. 2018 has taught us the value of life! ​Not to take anything for granted and that ‘things’ can change unexpectedly also, very quickly. How we react or respond in those first moments (and the days following), of stress are really crucial to our mental health.

Life Changes How Do You cope?

Fear creates anxiety and stress, especially as a result of unexpected news.  How do you cope with changes?  Do you drop into Fight, Flight, Freeze?  Meaning do you get angry, try to hide, or just feel numb, unable to move (frozen)?  And once the immediate shock of the event has passed, how quickly do you ‘bounce back’ and start the process of dealing with the situation.  Or do you stay in the ‘drama’, reliving and re-traumatising yourself daily?

Sub-conscious Response

All of these responses are sub-conscious, there is no right or wrong.  It is just your Subconscious Mind trying to protect you from events that, at that moment, it is unable to comprehend or cope with.  Unfortunately, for us mere humans, when the subconscious is unable to process the event, it gets stuck, and the hippocampus does not release the chemicals to process the event into memory and ‘push’ it into the past.

Re-living Events

Every time, a person relives the event by retelling the ‘story’ to others, the firmer the emotional tie becomes.  Whenever, there is a possibility of a similar event happening, no matter how minute the chance, the Subconscious will ‘re-run the movie’ creating more fear, anxiety, and stress.
At Transformations, we help clients who are suffering from long term unresolved stress, anger and anxiety.  Many of these clients have been taking anti-depressants for many years.  They can see no way of coping with normal daily life stresses without their medication.


There are many ways to resolve these issues, at Transformations we use coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis is extremely good at enabling a person to ‘rewrite’ the situation and allow the hippocampus to do its job,  thereby closing the loop.

Complimentary Sessions

If you would like more information on how this occurs, there is a great video on our website –  click here – or please book a complimentary session with Stephen Gardiner and he will explain in more detail.  You have nothing to lose, but you may just get your life back.

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