I overcame my stress, anxiety and depression

Often I judge success too soon.  Do you?

Some time ago I had a young woman come to see me who was suffering severe anxiety, stress, depression, and was having suicidal thoughts.

I worked with her with a combination of hypnosis and coaching.  We resolved the stress and trauma she was being haunted by from her past. She made progress but it was slow. When she had completed her sessions with me,  I was disappointed as I had expected more visible change.   I wondered if I could have done more, so I asked her to keep in touch and update me on how she was progressing.

Six months later I received this email.    The news was delightful.

Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate Your Success

I wanted to tell you that I’ve got my dream job position!!!  I overcame my stress and fears.

I’ve had so much love and support and I was so happy and just wanted to say thank you! thank you!!!  I hope you have had a good week!!

This is why I do what I do. Seeing differences like this is awesome and I can also say that I have my dream job.

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