Blame, Shame, Guilt

Many people who have experienced trauma in the past carry a lot of blame, shame and guilt.
When we have a traumatic or stressful event in our lives the body goes into a survival mode; fight, flight or freeze. In other words, our choices are to fight, run away or if the event is overwhelming freeze. Often when a person goes into freeze there is often a lot of guilt associated with it.

I should have stopped him, why didn’t I run away or what did I do to encourage this. All of this brings on feelings of shame, blame or guilt. People who have been raped often have intense feelings of guilt and shame and this leads to depression, stress, anger, PTSD etc.
What is often not understood by the person is that their body went into survival mode. They did not have a choice, survival is paramount and the primitive part of our brain takes over.

With The Richards Trauma Process, we are able to remove these feelings of blame, shame and guilt. In fact, as a practitioner it constantly amazes me the transformation that I see in people who now know that they are innocent and have always been innocent.
If you are stuck in a place of blame, shame and guilt call us on 1300 64 53 54 to find out more about The Richards Trauma Process, it could change your life for the better.

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