Family support and Depression

I have just returned from Malaysia and in my travels and talking with people depression seems to be a lot less than in Australia.
There is a gene for depression and it seems that this gene is more prevalent in Asian people than in people with a European background. When we examine depression it is far higher in the west than in Asia.

With this in mind I asked some people why they thought this was so. Most of the people that I talked to found it strange that in the west our children left home fairly early. In Malaysia where I was the trend was for the children to stay at home, more than that they often stayed at home when they got married or lived nearby. This meant that the grandparents looked after the kids and there was a lot of social interaction.

More than social interaction there was a lot of support from family which I believe is one of the reasons why depression is less.
There are certainly negatives about family being around all the time but this can be outweighed when you have people around you who you can talk to and get support from

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