Tolerance is a great word and when practiced leads to much smoother relationships between one another.

In most cases we are fairly tolerant but there always seems to be that situation or person which we just cannot tolerate. It’s that pet hate or that certain person who just rubs us up the wrong way. When we see it our blood pressure rises and we get angry.

Whilst I believe that there are situations and behaviours that should not be tolerated, especially when it harms or disadvantages others, in most cases tolerance goes a long way to helping with the quality of our lives.

If we look closely at ourselves and are honest with ourselves, we will see that we have exhibited the very behaviours that we say that we cannot tolerate. It might not be in the same form but you can be sure that you will have exhibited the behaviour.
Take the lack of tolerance for bad driving. When have you driven badly, when have you cut in front of somebody when have you broken the speed limit? When you can see that you have done the same behaviours that you can’t tolerate then it gets hard to be intolerant.

Next time you feel the lack of tolerance take a minute to see when you have done it, it will do wonders for your blood pressure. Being intolerant is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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