Having fantasies about your life can spur you to great heights or really hold you back and prevent you from achieving what you want.

Fantasies Becoming Reality

Fantasies of lifeRecently a client spoke of how she had spent a large part of her life in a fantasy.  This lady believed an old boyfriend who was the love of her life was going to come back into her life. As a result, This, unrealistic fantasy had tainted all the other relationships she had. Unless she removed the fantasy she would never be able to have a deep and meaningful relationship.

Balance in Life

Everything in life is in balance. For every negative, there is a positive and vice versa. When we look at things from too much of a negative or positive way we create emotions that cloud our thinking.

When we focus on only the positives of any situation or relationship, we create a fantasy.  In the same manner, if we are constantly dwelling on the bad points or negatives of someone or something,  we create a nightmare.

Whenever this happens, the Universe moves to achieve balance.  What does this mean?  One of the Universal Laws relates to balance.  There is always an opposite reaction to everything.  If we get ‘stuck’ in the negatives (or the positives) we get fixated in the fantasy or nightmare we have created.  While locked in this thinking our emotions will cloud every decision.  Our judgement will be biased.  The Universe will force you into seeing the opposite in some way.   Bringing you back to balanced thinking.

An Example

Let me give you an example.   Think of someone who is held in high regard in your society. It may be a politician, a sports person, a teacher, even a partner.  We often put these people on a pedestal.  They cannot do anything wrong.  We make excuses for them and we build a fantasy.  They cannot do anything wrong.  What an amazing person.  We cannot stand to hear anything negative about this person.  Then, unconsciously we become aware something is not right.  Something does feel right.  Then, one thing followed by another upsets you.  Pretty soon you find yourself questioning things.  Dependant on how high this person has been on the pedestal is reflected in how far they drop in your eyes.    You created a fantasy, the Universe simply showed you another side.  And, we all have two sides.  No one is perfect.  Nor is anyone all bad.  Both are fantasies.

When you have a situation that is creating ‘high’ irrational emotions it is wise to stop and look and see what are the positives or negatives of the situation. When you do this you remove the emotions that cloud your brain and you are able to move on.

We specialise in helping clients do this.  Whether you are besotted by a new ‘person’ you have meet, or having trouble deciding if you should stay in your current job… maybe a fresh look at the pro’s and con’s of the situation may help.

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