Are You Being Selfish

Society these days seems to frown on you putting yourself first. It’s the “right thing to do” to put others first. But are you selfish if you put yourself first?   No, I don’t think so!

I'm not selfishBeing Selfish

So what is being selfish?   The dictionary says:  Let’s look at this a bit more closely. I think you may agree that if you are operating at full capacity, happy, fulfilled, confident etc, then you are able to help others better. Think how hard it is to help others when you are feeling down and depressed. How hard is it to operate in the family and any other environment?

What if you put yourself first so that you are fulfilling your needs before anyone else’s? I think you will agree that you are more effective in the game of life.

I have many people, especially mothers who when I ask them, when did you last put yourself first don’t know and often burst into tears. Society tells us that we should be putting ourselves second, no wonder we can’t operate at full capacity and the incidents of depression, stress and anxiety are on the rise.

So I ask the question, is it selfish to put yourself first or is it selfish not to put yourself first?

4 Reasons Why Being Selfish is Good For You

  1. You’ll Be healthier
  2. More Leadership Opportunities
  3. Better Relationships
  4. You’ll be Happier

Read more details here 

There are however times when putting yourself first is selfish and this is when you are disadvantaging others by putting yourself first. If however putting yourself first means that you are able to operate better,  then I would argue that you are not being selfish.

When you are listening to the safety talk on a plane they say, “in the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure an oxygen mask will fall down. Put the mask on first before helping others.”

This is great advice and I would advise that you make sure that your oxygen mask is on before trying to help others.

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