What’s your Dream?

What’s your dream life?  The majority of us spend more time planning a holiday than our lives.

Without planning our lives are like a boat without a rudder and we just have to accept what life hands us. Sometimes it works out and sometimes we find ourselves on the rocks.

Dream Imagine Your Dream Life

You get what you think about, think about poverty and that is what you will get, and think about abundance and that is what you get. You are the author of your life, it’s your choice and your life.

What if you spent 10 minutes daydreaming about your life and the future? By this, I mean dream in a positive way, to imagine and create the lifestyle you want to live.  Our achievements are only limited by ‘ourselves.’   What if you allowed yourself to dream about your life without imposing conditions.  Dream and Imagine,  without the word but, or what if?

What if you did this every day for a month,  would you have more clarity or direction in your life? Do you think that you might have more success in creating what you want?  Perhaps if people had direction and anticipation in their lives, there would be less depression, stress, and anxiety?

Be Careful What You Wish For

During the 1970’s  I spent several years living in the Fiji Islands.  I had an amazing time.  I also learnt a very valuable lesson.  During a conversation with a local chief, I asked him what his plans for the future were.  He said, “I don’t have any”.  I was confused I thought everyone had goals, especially if you were a leader!  But no, he didn’t.  Then came the lesson.  He said to me “What do I need to set goals for, I have what you ‘dream’ to have when you retire!  I live on a beach, I fish, pick food when I need it and never worry about money!”  I laughed and then asked, but aren’t you bored, what do you do all day?  “Nothing,” he replied,  “that’s my problem.  I have all this, but I have no purpose.  Life is pretty miserable!”

We Need Purpose

I can’t answer this for you but I do know that when you have direction and something to look forward to,  life is so much better. When you have a plan there is less stress, anxiety, and depression.  Spending 10 minutes daydreaming of the lifestyle you want is not hard so why not try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.  But be careful what you wish for!   It may become your reality!

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