I have a tool for pain!

When we help a person to manage pain we want that person to be able to manage that pain without becoming dependent on us.

Our philosophy is to teach the person another tool to help them manage their pain. Often when a person comes to see us they are on medication or are having some sort of physical intervention.
Hypnosis is extremely effective with pain as it allows you access to your unconscious mind, the most powerful part of your body. It’s also effective in that it is extremely relaxing and often just the ability to relax and switch off from what is going on is very powerful.

What you think is what you get and this really is what we are doing to manage pain. We do a process that enables you to tune your pain down but not tune it out completely. The reason for this is that a small amount of pain that does not interfere with your life is good as it reminds you to take it easy.

At the end of each session we give you a recording of the session so that you can take it home and train yourself. As we said we want you to have control and not be dependent on us.

One of the common questions is how many times do I have to see you to succeed? The answer is it depends are what you are presenting. This is not a miracle cure but just another tool to help manage pain.

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