Smoking and past trauma

Just recently I had a client who although she said age wanted to quit smoking could not.

After two visits we explored why this was happening. It turned out that over the last few years her husband and many of her friends had died of cancer. She said it was as if everybody had abandoned her. Smoking cigarettes had been the only thing that did not abandon her, the only thing that she could rely on.

Consciously she wanted to stop smoking cigarettes but unconsciously smoking was the only thing that she could rely on. With this programming in place she will never quit. It was only until the programming of smoking is the only thing that has not abandoned me was broken was she unable to quit smoking cigarettes.

When you decide to stop smoking have a look at your past trauma or stress that has occurred in your life. If your smoking habit is attached to these then you will need to resolve these past traumas and stress before you will succeed in quit smoking

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