If it’s not been proved it’s not true!

As a scientist myself for a long time I believed that if something could not be proved then it is not true. Talk about flawed thinking!

There are many things in this world that happen and cannot be proven by science. Even though it can’t be proven it still happens. This being the case, then the thinking that if it can’t be proven by science is wrong.

If you look back say ten years ago a lot has changed in the world of science. In fact a lot of things that could not be proved by science then can now. Like everything science is evolving and what can’t be proved now may be proved in the future.

This could still support the thinking that if you can’t prove it by science then it is not true or it will become true when we have the science to prove it. This is typical thinking when we believe that everything is matter.

Quantum physics now shows us that everything is energy. There are things that we can’t see or prove but they exist. For too long we have kept the spiritual and the matter in science apart. We have left the spiritual to religion and science to the study of matter.

What if we were to bring the two together, in fact quantum physics goes a long way to doing this. The more you study quantum physics the more you realise that there is a greater power.

Just because you can’t prove it or see it does not mean that it does not exist.

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