What’s a thought?

Just recently I have been reading about thoughts and the power of thoughts. I have always known that thoughts have been powerful and that everything starts with a thought.

thoughts Think about that, everything starts with a thought! That means that we can create and destroy by thought alone, mind boggling.

Bruce Lipton in his book “Spontaneous Evolution” talks about how your thoughts can alter your gene blueprints. In other words your thoughts have an effect on evolution. Everything may begin with a thought but our imagination is the most powerful thing on earth.

So doesn’t it make sense to become more aware of our thinking? Unfortunately, all of us go through life without realising our thinking creates our reality. What if you became more aware and decided to take control of some of your self chatter? Not all but some.

What would life be like if you controlled the emotions that brought about anger? What would life be like if you could control your responses to anxiety? At a guess a whole lot better.

Sounds simple and it is but like all things it requires guidance and training on how to do this. This is where life coaches come in. You will be surprised how a little life coaching allows you to learn to be aware and control your thinking once you decide that it is something that you would like to do.

Why not contact us and discuss how to be aware and think about what you are thinking about.

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