Out of Balance

How balanced is your thinking?   Have you noticed how we tend to focus more on the negative than positive? If you pay attention to your thoughts you will see that we spend more time thinking and complaining about things that we feel dis-advantage us. When we do this we often ‘end up’ heading down the path of stress, anxiety, or depression.

Bad News Sells

The NEWS is constantly bombarding us with negatives. The old saying ofBalance Your Thoughts ‘no news is good news’ started out as a reassuring comment to ‘not worry if you hear nothing from a person.’  But now it is an actual truth.  Good news is not ‘newsworthy’.  The bad news is more interesting, engages people quicker, and keeps them engaged while the drama unfolds.  For myself, I find that often my conversations veer towards the negatives of a situation. I also find that even a small negative can negate the positives of even a wonderful experience.

Focus on

Just recently I returned from an overseas trip with a group of people.  The trip was great, lots of great experiences and excursions, but the last hotel we stayed in was well below par.  While waiting for our flight home, this ‘lousy’ hotel was what dominated the conversation for many of the group and, in doing so negated all the good fun and other good hotels that we stayed in.

Balance Your Life

Life is a balance and for every negative, there is a positive and vice versa. I find that when I do have a negative in life the best thing to do is to also look for a positive coming out of that negative. Easy to say and I must say, often not that easy to do.  I admit to falling into the trap of negative thinking.

Stinking Thinking

One way to avoid the spiral of negativity that can lead to stress, anxiety, and stress is to be aware of your thoughts. When you find yourself sinking into negative thoughts pull yourself up. When you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed take a moment to look for the positives. Does this mean that you will always be positive? The answer is no, there are always going to be negatives – in fact, negatives are necessary – but, by paying attention to your thoughts, when you notice your thinking becoming ‘stinking thinking’ you can pull yourself up, change the thoughts and thereby take control on how long you spend in the negative.

Appreciate the Good

Your life will always have both positives and negatives.  It is the Ying and Yang, the good and the bad of living.  Being aware of your thoughts will help you to maintain the balance so that you don’t spend too much time in the negative and avoid spiraling down into depression or anxious mindsets.  If you would like to know more about bringing Balance into your life Book a Complimentary consult

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