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Coping with Stressful Changes in Your Life

Who could have guessed that 2020 would bring so much upheaval and stressful changes into your life?   If, like me, you cheerily sing and cheer as a new year/decade begins, you are looking forward to the possibilities and the promise of opportunities waiting to be taken.   Goals are set.  Plans made.  A new slate full of excitement.   By the end of January, tension was rising.  Something was amiss – but it won’t affect us.   These things have happened before:  SARS, AIDs; EBOLA.   They were ‘other peoples’ problem.  Yes, we were concerned but not worried.  In February, the tension rose.  Fear began to circulate, but it still wasn’t ‘our problem’ was it?

The Pandemic Changed Us All.

Then March happened.  Suddenly, after all the rumours, suspicions, and apprehension our borders were snapped shut.  Overnight our world changed.  The pandemic had hit.   We didn’t even know what a pandemic was, what it meant, and why the borders closed.  What was CoronaVirus?  Why can’t we go on holiday?   What does it mean ‘Aussies can’t come home!’

Fear Travelled Faster than Covid-19.

People began to die?  Emergency services were overall.  Every country in the world seemed to be affected the same way.  Fear created anger.  Conspiracy theories popped up everywhere.  Life began to feel chaotic, more precious, with uncertainty and Life changes creates fear and stressdistrust thick in the air.    How did you cope with the way our world rapidly changed throughout the two years between March 2020 and March 2022?   Did you lose your job?  Your business forced to close?  Perhaps you moved?  Some people went broke? Others lost family members.  Many made huge profits from the supply of PPE or by pivoting their business into the supply of much-needed goods and services.  How about you?   Did you find opportunities, or did circumstances swamp you?

Change is Inevitable

Life is constantly changing around us, in us, through us, and about us. There will inevitably be changes throughout life. Some will be good, some bad, and some indifferent. Some you like, some hate, and some just don’t matter.   Covid-19 was one major shake-up of every part of life we take for granted.  Freedom to choose became a political debate.   Obviously, the changes you like are easy to deal with and you might even look forward to it!

What about the life changes that aren’t so peachy? How do you handle those?

Let’s explore some of these expected changes and the best ways to cope with them.

Job Loss

 Job loss was on the forefront of almost every Australian mind as the pandemic hit and shops and businesses were forced to close, many for months.  The Governments ‘help’ packages assisted here, but thousands lost their income and lifestyle.  This type of change is very stressful if you allow it to be. However, job loss doesn’t have to be stressful in’ normal situations’.

When you’re faced with job loss, try to think of it as a new opportunity to try something new or something you’ve always wanted to do.  During the pandemic, many people took the chance to jump into something completely different.  Pilots became truck drivers on coal mines; waitresses created their own businesses online;  teachers pivoted into teaching and mentoring.

Changing Direction

For example, my husband, a crop scientist, was made redundant three times in his career in agriculture.  Crop scientist – research/development to New Mindset gets different resultsproduct management/sales to training manager to life coach/hypnotherapist to (now) Trauma Therapist trainer/mentor training psychologists, counsellors.  Steve had ‘taught or mentored’ people (farmers, students, colleagues) throughout his career, so moving into coaching was a natural progression. Still, it was one Steve had never considered until ‘redundancy’ forced him to look outside his comfort zone and find a new way to provide for his family.

When life serves up lemons, it’s time to make lemonade (as the saying goes).  Don’t let change get in the way of your dreams and goals.  Nothing happens without reason.

Some ideas to ponder when you are faced with job challenges:

  • Take some evening classes to learn a new skill or trade.
  • Make arts, crafts, or jewellery and sell it online or at craft markets.
  • Teach others what you know through tutoring or consulting.
  • Start an (online) business.

Nothing ExtraOrdinary happens within your Comfort Zone

Take a step out of your comfort zone and see the many opportunities that lie before you.   It’s not easy!   It does take effort and courage.  But when you’re stuck in your comfort zone, you’re just that – stuck. Who wants to be stuck? I don’t, and I would venture to say that neither do you!    To get unstuck, take a step out of your comfort zone and look at other possibilities instead of stressing over the changes that lie ahead.


How about moving or transferring to another area? That can be a pretty big change that could cause a lot of stress.

The best way to cope with this situation is to look at it as a time to refresh and renew. I know this can be difficult sometimes, especially when you love the area you live in now. And, of course, you’ll miss all your friends, family, and familiar sites.   Moving away from people you love can be very stressful and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! You can look at the big move as an opportunity to stretch your horizons and meet new people.

Your friends and family will still be there, and you’ll still be able to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. But you’ll also grow roots in other places, and you just might build even stronger friendships and relationships than you’ve ever imagined!

Focus on the New Opportunities

There are always positive ways to look at things, and when you train your minds to look at change as an opportunity, you’ll be happier and healthier.  

Here are a couple of other everyday life changes that tend to be stressful but can be seen as an exciting, new opportunity:

  • Unexpected Pregnancy – An unexpected pregnancy obviously can cause stress financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. However, it’s a wonderful opportunity! An opportunity to love a child and to give life. A new opportunity to make some lifestyle changes or to give life to someone who can’t have children of their own through adoption, and so much more!
  • Children Growing Up – A child going off to university or moving away from home is a massive change that many find challenging to deal with. That dreaded ’empty nest syndrome’  Once again, look at the opportunities available not only to you but also for your son or daughter. Maybe you’ll be able to downsize your home.  Or perhaps your connection with your partner and friends will grow and strengthen during this time. Not to mention the growth and experience your child will gain as they grow and mature out in the world on their own.

Your Life Your Choice

How you choose to handle a situation will determine how much stress you will bring to yourself. You can either look at it as an opportunity or a dreadful scenario. The choice is yours. But if you CHOOSE to look at life changes as new opportunities, you will enjoy a less-stressful life!

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