Success or Failure?

The word failure has many negative connotations. When we think of failure we think that it is something that we have done wrong, we have not done enough. We beat ourselves up and we lower our self-esteem.
What if we look at failure in a different way? Failure is not failure in the conventional sense. It’s feedback so that we can change or improve what we have been doing. It’s readjustment so that we can reach our target.

When a rocket is sent to the moon it does not just go there in a straight line. If you look at its path it is a series of readjustments (failures). If you did not have feedback you would not learn. We don’t learn from constant success, we learn from the feedback to achieve that success.
Embrace feedback, it’s your path to success!!

If you look at your life there will be just as many so called failures as so called success. When I worked with elite athletes for the Olympics the most important question was; did you do your best?
If you honestly ask and answer this question you will see where there is room for feedback and a better chance of success.

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