Take Control

I had someone who was coming to see me to quit smoking cigarettes and they said that they were really nervous about it.
When I asked them why they were nervous about quit smoking they said to me that it was their crutch and they were afraid that they would fail.

Let’s look at this a little more closely. What they did not realise and what many people do not realise is the control that smoking cigarettes has. When you are relying on smoking to achieve relaxation, stress relief etc it means that you are giving control to your smoking habit.
What I suggest is that you are not stopping smoking, you are taking more control in your life. You are relying on yourself rather than the habit of smoking.

A lot of people are also worried that they may fail. Guess what? If you think that you are going to fail then you will! What if you changed your thinking to I am going to succeed?
Even if you do fail, and it is not failure but feedback, it means that you have to look closely at what happened and try again. When you started to walk you didn’t just start walking, you started after many attempts. If you fail then get up and try again, it’s not the end of the world.

To improve your chances of success to stop smoking I suggest that:
a)            You look at quitting as a chance to take more control of your life.
b)           Think, what if I succeed?

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