To Succeed you need to Engage

To succeed you need to engage!  This is true for anything you want in your life.  You must fully engage to get fit, lose weight, or be selected in the Olympic squad.  You can not be successful without focus.   Hypnotherapy is the same.  

I had a client recently for stress and anxiety. As part of my pre-session talk, I explained that to succeed you need to engage in the hypnotherapy process to achieve the desired result. In other words,  relax, accept all suggestions, and then act on them.  This takes intention, focus, and concentration.


Something was wrong!  I felt it. She was distracted. She had closed her eyes and relaxed her body but had not engaged. Something was preventing her from ‘dropping into a trance!’   I stopped the session and asked what was going on.  She told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about the death of a close friend and was finding it very hard to engage and focus on what I was saying.

Engage to Change

These thoughts would not allow her to fully engage.  With this emotional distraction, her mind was ‘elsewhere’ and this may reduce the success of her session.   Our focus is always on achieving the best result for our clients.  I  stopped the session suggesting we resume therapy, later when the death of her friend was not so fresh in her mind.

Relax and Change

I’m happy to say that she came back a few weeks later and was able to fully engage.  This client had an amazing outcome and the change in her life extraordinary.  Postponing the session definitely paid off.
This illustrates the importance of when visiting your hypnotherapist make sure you are in the right mindset to accept, focus, and engage in the process.  Your therapist will use 100% of their knowledge and expertise to ensure you achieve the best result possible, but this is worth nothing if you have not decided to succeed.

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