Your Birth Can Cause Anxiety

Birth Can Cause Anxiety

When asked to note down the ’emotive or traumatic’ events that have happened in their past, many say: “I don’t remember anything major happening.”  Birth can cause anxiety.  And often the ‘trauma’ affecting their life has happened prior to, or during birth.  birth anxiety

Prolonged anxiety, stress, and depression result from past stressful or traumatic events.  The question is, how early in your life can emotive events cause these symptoms?  The truth is, right from conception you are influenced by ‘Your World.’ Circumstances that happened before your birth can be the cause of your current feelings of anxiety and depression. Even in the womb, you picked up on the actions of others around you. If, for instance, your parents were arguing, the anxiety caused by this will be absorbed by you, the fetus. Emotions are carried through the nerve and neural pathways so feeling related stress and anxiety is inevitable.

Birth Trauma

Even your birth itself can be the cause of anxiety and depression. When a baby is born via cesarean, there is urgency, stress, anxiety, and the baby can feel ‘the world is unsafe!’   When a child is born prematurely and incubated it will feel ‘abandoned!’  Traumatic birthForceps; umbilical cord entanglement; in fact, any birth trauma can have long term implications.  In later years, symptoms may occur such as anxiety, depression, or the person feeling unsafe without a logical reason.   This feeling stays with us as we grow up and there is a constant feeling of not being safe. This feeling is an unconscious one but the feeling ‘of unexplained unease’ leads to symptoms of long-term stress, depression, and anxiety.  In cases where there does not seem to be any serious stress or trauma in life, it is wise to look at:

  • Your parent’s relationship (during gestation period)
  • Any accidents, emotive events, stresses
  • your birth and the circumstances surrounding it

To enable you to discover whether your ‘history’ is reflected in your present, look at your past     If you would like to discuss this further Please book a complimentary session with our therapists to step you through this process.

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