Your Birth Can Cause Anxiety

Long term anxiety, stress and depression is often caused by past stress and trauma. The question is, how far back in your life can past stress or trauma cause these symptoms?

The circumstances before your birth can be the cause of long term anxiety and depression. Even when in the womb you pick up on activities around you. If for instances your parents were fighting a lot, then the anxiety caused by this will be picked up by the foetus and your chances of being stressed and anxious are extremely high.

Even your birth itself can be the cause of anxiety and depression. Caesareans, especially if they are emergency ones can result in a person suffering from anxiety. In effect the baby comes into this world before it’s time, this causes the baby to not feel safe. This feeling stays with us as we grow up and there is a constant feeling of not being safe. Often this feeling is an unconscious one but it leads to symptoms of long term stress, depression and anxiety.

In cases where there does not seem to be any serious stress or trauma in life it is wise to look at your birth and circumstances surrounding it to get a clue of why it is happening.

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