Don’t be a victim of your past

We can become a victim of our past without realising it.   All it takes is one little ‘trigger’ to awaken a memory!

I had a young man come to see me who was extremely anxious. He was so anxious that he had to take Valium to come and see me. He was extremely intelligent, but he worked at night cleaning offices so that he did not have to be around people.

Past Trauma

When we looked at his past we saw many incidents of stress and trauma. He was a victim of this past stress and trauma because they had never been resolved. The anger and the shame, blame and guilt of the past had not been addressed. He was a victim of his past.Don't Be A Victim

The question is how do you resolve this unresolved stress and trauma. The answer is that you have to know that the events are over and that you are safe, and you have to have power over the events.

To help this young man we did a process called TRTP. This process uses hypnosis to resolve the unresolved stress and trauma from the past. The reason why hypnosis is used is that it helps to do this quickly and efficiently. In fact, it takes just three visits with a week between each visit.

TRTP Therapy

I did TRTP with this young man and the results were quite amazing. After the first visit he found that he could be around people without feeling anxious. He said that after the 2nd visit he did not feel any different. However, several days later he had to go to the shopping centre to find where his bank had moved to. He found himself sitting in the bank with no anxiety, he couldn’t get over that. After the third visit, he was looking forward to creating a future, something that he could not do before.

Shortly after doing TRTP with me I heard that he had given up his job cleaning offices and had gone to university to study physics.

If you would like to find out more about TRTP and how it can help you why not give me a call and arrange a complimentary strategy session to see if I can help you to not be a victim of your past.

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