Random Acts of Kindness

helpingRandom Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness is doing something nice for someone without receiving any type of reward, reciprocation, or recognition.  It could be mowing your neighbours lawn when they are sick; helping a person carry their groceries to the car or buying coffee for the next person in line.

Random acts of kindness are always greatly appreciated by the person on the receiving end of the kindness, but You, the person being kind get a lot out of it, too!

People observing random acts of kindness also benefit by observing others being kind. One small action on your part can do so much for so many people.  Kindness is like a smile; it has a ripple effect on everyone who sees or hears about it.

Discover the benefits of practicing random acts of kindness:

  1. You feel good about yourself. How can you not feel good when you help another? You feel like a million bucks when you do something for someone else.
    Most of the kindness we give or receive comes with strings attached. Giving flowers to your date isn’t quite the same as giving flowers anonymously to the old lady that lives on the corner.
    On some level, we expect something from the kindness we dole out to the world, even if it’s just improving our image to those around us.
  2. Random acts of kindness are different because your intentions are entirely pure. Try it! You’ll love how good you feel about yourself!
  3. You realize that there’s enough to go around. When you give something away without any hope of receiving anything in return, you’re sending yourself a positive message.
    You’re showing yourself that you have sufficient resources and time. There is no lack, no scarcity. In fact, there’s an abundance – plenty for you to be grateful for, as well as the recipient of your kindness.
  4. You strengthen your health. Research shows that practicing acts of kindness reduces anxiety and increases happiness. Research subjects also report feeling more energetic, positive, and less depressed. Kindness also reduces pain.
    Being kind is an easy way to boost your physical and mental health.
  5. You make others happy. When you are kind toward someone, you make them feel important and loved. Plus, the people around them are likely to be happier, too.
    Your simple act could also start a chain reaction of kindness. The person on the receiving end of your kindness might decide to do the same for someone else. And so on.
  6. It helps the people that witness the act of kindness. The impact of your kindness reaches further than you think. It has been shown that just witnessing kindness lowers blood pressure and increases levels of hormones that are associated with feeling optimistic.

A few random acts of kindness include taking out the rubbish bin for your neighbor, leaving a complimentary note on a windshield, giving a small gift card, or helping clean up the mess after a summer storm. The possibilities are nearly endless. What ideas do you have?

You can have a huge impact on the world just be being kind. You will help yourself, the recipient of your kindness, all those who witness it, and the multitude of people down the chain.

children helpSimple acts of kindness usually don’t cost you a cent, but the returns are priceless.

There are countless opportunities to be kind each day. Think of someone you could help in a simple, but meaningful, way. Try to be kind without any expectation of receiving anything in return. Notice how you feel afterward. You won’t want to stop.

Let’s make being kind a Habit!   Here’s some ideas to get you going! 

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