Balance your Stress and Anxiety

Everything in life is balanced. It is Ying and Yang. There is no ‘up, without a down’. There is equal amounts of war as peace! Love as hate! In your daily life, when things go wrong, as they will – look for the positive – What opportunity is now available to you! At first you may struggle to find it, but be assured it is there!

It’s the environment stupid!

When Your environment is safe and supportive, your cells focus on growth and maintain the body’s healthy functioning. but when confronted with stress, cells become defensive and divert energy to survival and protection. Chronic stress, long term anxiety leads to dysfunction and disease. To be healthy we need growth. Treating only physical symptoms and not the mental or physical environment will never lead to a healthy body.

How Clumsy Am I?

At Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy we believe in a holistic approach to our life coaching and hypnotherapy. We believe in adding an element of mental and physical exercise to complete the picture. There are many people who have problems with co-ordination. This can be traced back to what has happened in the past and can …

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